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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 29, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: we didn't do the e-mails again. geoff: what the hell is going on, man? craig: i don't know. i forgot. that's a couple of nights in a row i forgot. geoff: were you distracted? craig: maybe. [laughter]
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were you distracted? given the fact that you were meant to be gay, which i am seriously having suspicions about actually. geoff: maybe. maybe i was. [laughter] craig: so what do you want to do now? geoff: go get a prostate exam? [laughter] craig: show me how you're going to do it. [laughter] looks good to me. [laughter] good night, everybody. ,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. the head of california's fish and game commission went on a legal hunt and now critics are calling for his head. tonight, he is blunt. why he says it is nobody's business what he did. >> in the last few minutes, our forecast has changed a bit. when the rain will really start coming down and for how long. >> and meet the baby maker. a bay area doctor with an amazing track record. >> it seemed like our world sort of was born again. >> natural treatments he uses to help couples conceive. good evening. i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. he won, but barely. >> mitt romney managed to pull off a 3 percentage point victory in michigan, fending
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off a tough challenge from rick santorum. and as expected, romney also won tonight's other primary for a comfortable margin in arizona. danielle nottingham shows us romney knows he is still in for a fight. danielle. >> dana, it was a hard fought battle and also a pricey one. and mitt romney avoided a big upset tonight, but still even after millions of dollars spent, hours on the campaign trail, none of the candidates has locked down the nomination. it's a sweep for mitt romney. he's a winner of tuesday's primaries in arizona and michigan. as he tries to regain his status as the front runner for the republican presidential nomination. >> we didn't win by a lot, but we won by enough, that's all that counts. >> romney scored big with voters who want to defeat president obama and who want a candidate who can tackle the economy. santorum appealed to
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conservatives and thanked michigan for a fight to the finish. >> you know, we came into the backyard of one of my opponents in a race that everyone said well, just ignore, you have no chance here. >> newt gingrich bypassed arizona and michigan to campaign in his home state of georgia. one of next week's big prizes. >> i think this is the most important election in my lifetime. >> ten states and more than 400 delegates will be up for grabs next tuesday. and the outcome could narrow the field. and ohio is shaping up to be the other big battle on super tuesday. right now, most of the polls have santorum leading there and mitt romney and his supporters have already spent about $3 million in ads in ohio. live in michigan, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. >> tonight, we have learned there is a movement in the state legislature to fire the president of the california fish and game commission.
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why? because he went hunting and killed a mountain lion. but what he did was legal. although it enraged critics who called the hunt inappropriate. everyone else who has a problem with it to mind their own business. the photo shows a smiling proud hunter standing over his prey. california fish and game commissioner, president dan richard says there's zero chance he would resign his position. richard bagged the mountain lion at the flying bee ranch in idaho last january. a promotional video on youtube shows the hunt. a dog trees the animal. the hunter shoots it and it falls to its death. the hunter pays $7,000 for the experience and gets a photo with his kill. it's perfectly legal in idaho, but california law forbids mountain lion hunting. they are considered protected and now some assembly members and the lieutenant governor
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question richard's ability to follow that law as a commissioner. >> he understands that he can't eat this animal. he can't bring it back to put it on the wall and stuff it because of that law. and i think he loses moral authority. >> 41 assembly members asked richards to resign. in a scathing later richards fired off to assemblyman, he insisted we did dine on mountain lion for dinner. richards asked, did you think a california commissioner is actually obligated to follow california laws across these united states? really? and while i respect our fish and game rules and regulations, my 100% legal activity outside of california or anyone else for that matter is none of your business. the lieutenant governor insists it's the voter's business. the commission will soon decide too big conservation issues. >> whether or not we start the
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calling out of wolves in california and a big ocean protection initiative, which is going to put him in the firing line of a lot of controversy. >> assemblyman is considering a resolution to remove richards. no cause is needed, just a majority vote. in the next few days, the assemblyman will give it to the legislative council for review and send it to the assembly floor for a vote. that vote could happen by next week. hunting groups are rallying behind richards. you can read the full letter from commissioner richards on >> on the same day over the killing of a mountain lion came to a head. the feds gave the go ahead to shoot thousands of wild animals on the north coast. elizabeth cook takes us up to redd wood to shows the idea is to save one endangered species by killing another. >> for the past 22 years,
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biologist has made it his mission to save this california icon. the northern spotted owl. he works for green diamond, one of the biggest timber growing companies on the west coast. their land is one of the last california holdouts of the threatened species. >> the company realize they have a dilemma. here is a species that is going to be listed and they were finding them all over their property. >> the spotted owl is in danger. their biggest threat, a distant cousin from the east coast, the barred owl. they are taking over spotted owl's favorite nesting grounds. >> if you can't breed, eventually, obviously, the population is going to decline. >> the u.s. fish and wildlife service plans to get rid of barred owls in some study areas. to see if that helps increase the spotted owl population. >> you hear it? >> by killing them, he started
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shooting some on green diamond land with permission from the feds. >> this is closer than i would want to be when using a shotgun, because you want it to die quickly and humanely, but you want it to be a good specimen. >> as many as 3,000 barred owls could be killed. >> removing 3,000 animals doesn't sound like an experiment, it sounds like management. >> the feds might be jumping the gun and wants them to let nature take its course. >> our concerns are that they'll remove 3,000 animals. those animals will be killed and others from the surrounding areas will simply fly in and this will become an on going vicious kilocycle. >> the plan to kill barred owls would not be the first time the federal government has authorized this kind of plan. california sea lions that feast on threatened salmon in the columbia river have been killed in recent years after efforts to chase them away or scare
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them failed. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. the speed limit around most schools is 25 miles an hour. but tonight, one bay area city thinks that is still way too fast. so drivers are being told, slow down, way down. kit on the difference ten miles an hour makes. >> dana, supporters who are trying to fight for slower speed limits around schools say the difference for a child being hit by a car going 15 versus 25 miles an hour is a difference between life and death. for a taste of life in the slow lane, come to trace elementary. it's the first school in san jose to drop the speed limit from 25 to 15. during a trial period that started in november. everyone we talked to loves it. >> i don't think anybody minds it. >> the state legislature passed a law giving cities the option to slow down school speed limits back in 2008.
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that same year, a sixth grader was killed while riding her bike home. it was his idea to slow traffic around schools. >> i clearly have been a supporter and strong proponent of lowering the speed limit. sometimes it takes time for colleagues to get on board. >> voted to lower speed limits at three more schools. dorsa and montgomery elementary and silver creek high. and willow glen. parents say making 15-mile an hour school zones city wide is a good idea and anyone who complains about it being too slow should do the math. >> probably reevaluate what they are rushing around for. it's like, if you are driving five blocks 15 miles an hour, if you go 60, you might save a minute. so you are late anyway, right? >> and so the brand-new 15-
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mile hour speed limits go in effect next month. that's going to take convincing on the part of the council. san francisco already does it. we'll have to see if san jose follows along. well, it's raining in some parts of the bay area. haven't been able to say that recently. the brunt is coming. it's just off the coast. look what's going on in the sierra right now. getting the first of what will be a lot of snow overnight. live look at blue canyon along interstate 80. thanks to our photographer who made his way up there tonight and found some people from the bay area having a pretty good time. >> you have to be ready for anything. you have to roll with the punches. i'm having fun, though. my first real time with snow. so it feels good. it's fluffy. i'm freezing. >> at least he's dressed for it. this is all great news for our water supply.
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today's snow survey found the snow pack at only 30% of normal. but our main reservoirs are all full thanks to last year's abundant rain fall. roe beer cay, roberta, what is it looking like outside? >> not only do we have light rain in the north bay, but we have moderate rain around grisly peek road. you can see it right there on the map. heading to the peninsula. half-moon bay, we have rain fall and look at that? some moderate to heavy rain entering the city of san francisco and towards the bay bridge. your full forecast is coming up. you with the and after san bruno, pg and e was told to make its pipeline safer. tonight, how pg and e is sticking you with the bill. >> a stretched out for the first time bay area scientists prove what stress really does to our lives. >> they thought they would never have this baby. until they met this bay area
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doctor. how he is helping thousands of couples conceive. the secret to his astonishing success rate. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pipelines. and it expects and it expects customers toy for the bulk of it. pg and e has to upgrade its pipelines and it expects you, the customer, to pay for the bulk of it. utility announced rate payers would cover 84% of the upgrade and modernization costs. that is down from the original proposal of 90%.
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$2.2billion project would bring pg and e pipes into compliance with new energy regulations. >> these new types of projects and work that are needed to meet new state standards for pipeline safety were asking to be covered in rate. >> factoring in financing, some analysts put the total cost of the project closer to $5 billion. the state public utilities commission will make the final decision on funding later this year. >> life these days can be stressful, there's work, traffic, family, money. takes a toll. but now dr. kim tells us for the first time, bay area doctors have found out just how much of a toll. >> whether your life is on the line, someone's life is in your hands, or you're late again for work, stress is everywhere. what stresses you out? >> probably money.
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>> not enough time in the day. >> definitely. >> well time is of the essence. >> our bodies don't really distinguish between the anticipation of stress and actual stress. >> that's right. for the first time, researchers have shown that anticipating stress and anticipating a threat in the future can take a toll on our dna. >> we ask them, how worried are you about this stress that's coming up? >> they looked at the tiny protective caps at the end of our chromosomes. they get shorter as we get older and they predict shorter life. >> so women in our study who tended to -- anticipate the upcoming stressor as being more threatening had shorter. >> the effective stress is cumulative and anticipation lasts longer, it takes a bigger toll. >> activating these stress
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responses over and over again seems to make the biggest difference. >> her advice, live more in the moment. like this gentleman. >> enjoy the moments that you do have time. try to take every day, day by day and not look too far in the future. >> cbs 5, health watch. >> it can be a priceless gift for someone who wants to have a child. more than half the time it isn't successful. however, a bay area doctor is beating the odds. in fact, he is producing such amazing results, he is being called the baby maker. juliette goodrich asked him what is his secret? >> it can cost parents. so doctor's success rate is critical and many qualify. but the society of assisted reproductive technology just released its yearly report.
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it distinguishes one fertility doctor at the top and he's right here in the bay area. it was josh and debra's dream to have a baby. they call benjamin their miracle man. >> they didn't see a possibility that we were going to get pregnant on our own. >> we located a ser gat surrogate. it shattered our dreams of being parents ourselves. >> meet dr. richard schmidt in mountain view. he helped thousands of couples get pregnant. >> we are connecting. we are doing something right. >> that's for sure. he has been ranked one of the leading fertility doctors in california. the average pregnancy rates for patients, 33%. doctor schmidt's success rate, 52% for women under 35. so is there a magic formula? >> i would say there is. >> he says his magic formula
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is simple. he tells his patients to relax. >> let me worry about the medicine. you worry about staying happy. >> many couples have been on a seemingly endless cycle of worry. >> they have been on this reg min of timed intercourse. >> he also incorporated natural methods. >> we are open to accu puncture. we have therapists come in right after the embryo transfer. >> stress and anxiety suppress the reproductive process. >> i always tell my patients to do something during the cycle that makes them happy. whether that be exercise, whether that be going out to a movie. i be conservative, making it as natural as possible. >> it's science, inside this lab where performing -- where the sperm is injected into an egg. >> she is locating the sperm
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and she is deactivating the sperm by touching its tail and that allows her to load the head of the sperm up into and subsequently, she can put that directly into the egg. >> timing, skill, learning a patient's needs along with stress reduction. key elements, including ivf, that help josh and debra become parents. the end result, baby benjamin, their miracle man. >> it seemed like our world sort of, you know, was born again. >> it's such a treat to have some of these kids come back in college and visit their fertility doctor. >> this little guy just might be paying a visit to dr. schmidt in 18 years. you can't deny the financial cost and for couples who don't have success, it can be heartbreaking. dr. schmidt says the stark results are based on live
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births. start results are yearly, success rates differ for each age category. juliette goodrich, cbs 5. from the weather center, we have our eye on the storm and the effect it will have on the ,,,, [ male announcer ] if your kids like movies with animals... ♪ ...action heroes... ♪ ...sing-alongs, or whatever else, then you and your family will love netflix. netflix lets you watch unlimited movies and tv episodes on your pc or tv via game console
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tonight, you saw why in ther we have our eye on this storm. good evening, everybody. let's go live. see where the rain drops are falling on the rooftops. we are going to zoom on in on the eastern portion of our bay area because that is where we see a moderate style heading due east in walnut creek along the peninsula. just moved out of the boulevard area. look what is happening in a city by the bay. the city of san francisco moderate rain fall from the richmond district heading to, right there, chinatown. and if we go north of the golden gate bridge, it is pretty much light rain fall throughout the entire area. up stream, however, we have moderate rain fall and snow at cobb mountain. now we do have a wind advisory that goes into effect midnight
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through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and the straight. gusty winds, all associated with this cold front. that's the frontal boundary that will be across the santa cruz mountains. notice what happens afterwards. numerous scattered showers, which means you'll need to keep that umbrella handy. into your thursday morning, over the next 24 hours, first off, we are going to stop at the morning commute and when we are talking about half an inch of rain, that's going to cause ponding on the roadway. i give myself ample time heading out the door tomorrow and nearly an inch of rain in the wettest spots. this translates into a winter storm warning with up to 4 feet of snow above 7,000 feet. temperatures, they look like this. basically in the 50s across the board for the next couple of days. high pressure settles in and talking mid 70s by sunday. that's the wet pinpoint ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,
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well, the warriors didn't send any players to the all star game. tonight, you saw why in their effort against indiana. set currie out of the lineup, but everyone he couldn't have made the difference tonight. there is danny granger, fade away for 2. golden state couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. they shot one of 17 for three. 34% overall. warriors score a season low 78 points. they got blown out tonight. that's matt shaw taking over sharks coach who is out with a
2:07 am
concussion. sharks hosting the fliers. less than 2 minutes into the game. the sharks allowed 35 goals on that road trip, but tonight at home, shuts out the highest scoring team. go figure. 1-0 is the final. the fliers haven't beaten the sharks since gas costs $1.60 a gallon 12 years ago. i never get used to this. scott sizemore on crisps with a heavy brace after tearing his acl. he is done for the year. i spoke with him in the a's clubhouse today. >> that was definitely amped up. i work my tail off to get in the best shape i could to help this team win. it's devastating to not be on the field with the guys, just going with them every day and helping them win. >> 49ers price for success starts tonight's top five. yeah, 49er linebacker signs a six year, $44.5 million deal.
2:08 am
$17.5 is guaranteed. he had seven sacks last year. 31 kids, the length of the court. their legs were tied together. looks like the warriors tied together with their hand. number three, high school hoops in indianapolis. yeah, michigan state recruited gary harris wins it. that was exclusive. it's the double special, new jersey trying to take lab away from los angeles. nets over dallas. number one, this is a new paper airplane world record. 226 feet, 10 inches. but the amazing thing, you know who did it? former cal quarterback. and it was designed by former channel 5 director, john collins. john, who i worked with for many years wrote a book about paper airplane. he is the ,,,,,,,,
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